Afghan Rehabilitation Group - ARG e.V.    
Afghanistan sunk into war and destruction for almost 30 years.
Besides the immense amount of human sufferings that happened to the people of Afghanistan, their culture got heavily damaged and almost destroyed in that period.
Sociologists and historians speak of a backslide of the Afghan civil society of about 200-300 years. There were destructions of buildings, which represented the architecture of Afghanistan of the last centuries.

In August 2008 the registered association ARG e.V. - Afghan Rehabilitation Group- was founded with the aim to save these buildings and therewith also the historical heritage – altogether built components of the collective memory. ARG is following an integrative and civilising concept and works as a network partner. The association is acting unselfishly and is predominantly as a non-profit organisation. We see our work more as a tribute to the reconstruction of the country towards a sustainable and peaceful development.
The main purpose of the association is the promotion and development of restoration and reconstruction works of historical buildings but also of settlement and urban structures like outside facilities and parks in Afghanistan.
Thus we are aiming at measures for the reconstruction and conservation of built contemporary witnesses, which are owing to the collective memory of the people from Afghanistan. One might even say – not only in the case of UN- World Cultural Heritage Sites - which are owing to the collective memory of humankind as a whole.
Furthermore the association wants to promote the assembly of training schools for manual and artisan works in Afghanistan and the education and training of Afghan professionals in the building sector and in landscaping.
Together with the measures for the reconstruction of single buildings the lost knowledge of manual and artisan works and cultural-historical roots, and the therewith associated confidence shall be awakened and rediscovered again.